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This is the best T-Shirt in USA. Women’s T-Shirt is selling in USA with over 60 million. It’s a long T-Shirt, Skin friendly, High and soft stretch fabric, Pure cotton and Comfortable. It is partially visible which attracts of girls. That is the standard size. Effortlessly fun and comfortable to use. This T-Shirt is Attracts of all ages consumers with the modern sensibility. So, it is the best quality T-Shirt in USA.

100% Cotton: It is the Modern and Pure Cotton in USA. This cotton has collected from china. That is very Soft and Comfortable. It does not harm to the skin. This Cotton is one of the most Cotton. Presently, that is the most widely used in clothing. So, it is the best T-Shirt in USA.

High Quality Fabrics: This Fabric is high quality because it is very soft. That Fabric name is Woven Fabric. This Fabric has collected from China. This Fabric is material made Through weaving, Kitting, Spreading, Felting, Stitching, Crocheting or Bonding. So, it is the Best and High Quality T-Shirt in USA.
Latest Design: This Design name is Nick Line. It is the Latest Design. That T-Shirt is until to knee length. It T-Shirt is round neck, White and black color. This T-Shirt is perfect for College, Office, Dating and Shopping even can be used outdoors at night.

Cheap Price: This dress is Cheap but good Quality. We make many products and give that products at cheap price for Company promotion. So, it is very quality Cotton T-Shirt in USA.

Size: M, L, XL
M= Length 23” Chest 29”
L= Length 25” Chest 30”
XL= Length 26” Chest 32”

Material and Care: Cotton and machine wash.

Available in our all outlet in USA from 6 March.

This T-Shirt is manufactured by Rida Fashion House which is the largest and stylish fashion brand in USA.

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